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Decorative Drop Ceiling

Decorative Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings are best known to be used for cosmetic purposes in buildings or serve some other primary function. Secondary ceilings have been used over the years to hide wirings, duct works, wood joints, and cracks or to shorten the distance between a very high ceiling system and the floor. The uses of drop ceilings cannot be overstressed. Of its numerous applications, decorative functions of drop ceilings have become widespread across the globe. Gone are the days when drop ceilings were relegated to only cosmetic purposes. Welcome to the era of decorative drop ceilings.

The ideal furniture should be both functional and decorative. Classic coffers create the balance between the functionality and decorative usefulness of their drop ceilings. Using decorative drop ceilings adds elegance to any room, and specific parts can be accentuated or given special effects. For instance, integrating fabric panels into your drop ceiling system could emphasize the particular portion and add a certain decorative aura to the overall outlook of the room. The decorative metal panel is also available to integrate into the drop ceiling system. Some of the available decorative drop ceiling systems on the classic coffers' gallery include the custom pine mitered corner layout, the custom wood slat design, ceiling with mixed panel layout, the pint- Vancouver, the custom finish- Marquetry and the black coffered ceiling. Any of these beautiful looks and layouts could easily be achieved on your desired space as they involve easy, well-illustrated procedures.

Decorative drop ceilings from classic coffers still meet the high quality, solid wood standard. These dual-purpose drop ceilings come in beautiful and affordable design patterns. For a more confident approach, you could try a mixture of several designs and layout patterns. Spice up your designs in any mode of your choosing. The structural, textural and color diversity in alternating combinations could produce just the effect you need. Remember, creativity is key when it comes to the art of decoration. Apart from the standard oak wood product which comes in natural, cordovan and autumn colors, a variety of custom colors are also available. No matter your decorative idea of choice, classic coffers have the right combination of decorative drop ceilings to fit your description.

Also, classic coffers have made available, a design brochure to assist in installation and offer several creative design ideas. Feel free to throw in more than one colored fabric patterns in between your traditional coffered drop ceilings. This adds a more adventurous feel to the room and highlights the space in such a way as to make a once neglected and overlooked portion of the room, suddenly become the focal point. Another amazing and creative way of adding a decorative, yet functional effect on your drop ceiling is by including laser cut panels in between decorative metal cut panels while installing the drop ceilings. This gives the feeling of a more spacious, well-ventilated space. This idea especially works well in small spaces. However, there is no special rulebook for laying out Classic Coffers' wide array of decorative drop ceilings. Just engage your creativity and keep the ideas rolling in.

Decorative Drop Ceiling
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